How to: Improve your Powerpoint Slides

How to quickly increase the visual appeal of your Powerpoint slides – without having to learn new skills yourself!

Outlook has replaced how you search your emails…two useful shortcuts

Have you noticed Microsoft has made a change to how you search in Outlook? This won’t have happened across all users of Outlook yet, but for those with a standard Microsoft 365 for Business it is likely to be live now. There are many benefits of the modern ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) subscription model, Continue reading “Outlook has replaced how you search your emails…two useful shortcuts”

Understand how you spend your time with MyAnalytics

Microsoft’s Office 365 now contains a powerful tool to understand how you spend your time throughout the week. MyAnalytics was added to Office 365 suite this year. It gives you personalised information on how you have been working focusing on these areas: Network – who you have communicated with and patterns around these communications CollaborationContinue reading “Understand how you spend your time with MyAnalytics”

Scanning from your mobile – Office Lens

Rather than take a trip to the photocopier, try using Office Lens to take a scan at your desk. Need to take a picture of that whiteboard at the end of the meeting – use Office Lens. With the programs within Microsoft Office becoming ever the more integrated, it makes sense to look at howContinue reading “Scanning from your mobile – Office Lens”

Slide Prep Made Easy! Draft in MS Word.

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation can take more time than you think. There is a simple way to save time by preparing your slide content in Word and then importing it to Powerpoint. Each slide, title and body text will be instantly created and formatted. It’s much better than wasting time moving around your slides toContinue reading “Slide Prep Made Easy! Draft in MS Word.”

Need maps? Try Power Map for Excel

Including a map in our technical writing and presentations is an easy way to make geographic information more engaging for our audience. With the advanced data visualisation these days it can seem a little intimidating. However generating simple maps is actually really easy and automated with Excel. It includes Power Map a quick and easyContinue reading “Need maps? Try Power Map for Excel”