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RMA Digital serves professionals working in resource (environmental) management in New Zealand. It provides services to enhance the digital competencies and capabilities of these professionals. Services include:

  1. Assessment of an individual’s digital competency and preparation of a development plan for learning new digital skills
  2. Group training on future-focused topics to develop better communication, productivity and project success in your team(s)
  3. Strategic advice on responding to the modern world and how it impacts your professional practice
  4. Operational advice to modernise workflows, automate work, update templates and deliver training to enable staff to use enhanced digital solutions

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My article ‘Localism in a hyper-connected, borderless world’ appears in this month’s (July 2019) Local Government Magazine. link to article This article draws on research I undertook as part of this year’s Rodney Davies Research Symposium. My research paper is on ‘digital disruption in the planning profession’. I presented my research findings at the NZPI conference this … Continue reading Local Government Magazine article

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