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Digital competency is having the knowledge, skills and mindsets to use digital technologies in our professional work. The emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution offer us many opportunities for the future of the planning profession. However, there are also challenges, including the important question of how to get started when looking to adapt our professional practice.

RMA Digital empowers planners and other resource management practitioners in New Zealand to assess and develop their digital competencies. Growing these capabilities enables you to make the most of modern technology and prepare for the future of planning practice in the 2020’s and beyond.

Our Services:

Digital Competency

Our program involves assessing digital competency to determine gaps, preparing training plans to increase digital competency and providing coaching in meeting the training goals.

Group Training on Future-Focused Topics

From one hour Lunch and Learn sessions to full day workshops, our training will equip your team for the future.

To find out more see our Training Services page.

Operational Advice

Advice on updating your workflows, templates and other systems to make the most of digital solutions.

Strategic Advice

Insightful input on the strategic issues facing your business or organisation related to the interface between technology and planning practice.

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