Blog is back, with a ‘how to’ series

Last week I attended an NZPI Auckland branch event IN REAL LIFE which was a welcome novelty after all the virtual events 2020 has involved. Now that in person events are back on, it seems like a good time to pick up the blogging again. COVID disruption has impacted on many aspects of our livesContinue reading “Blog is back, with a ‘how to’ series”

Work from Home – eight things for work at home success

Week two of our lockdown. Hopefully you are up and running from home, but it is far from normal yet, right? As the novelty wears off (or thin) check out this post for a list of eight things you may not have set up yet in your adjustment to working from home. These little thingsContinue reading “Work from Home – eight things for work at home success”

My Work from Home Tips – structure, communication and courage

I’ve been working from home for a while now. Here are my top tips, adjusted to our current circumstances of a sudden mass adoption of work from home. This post covers three main themes: Establish a structure for your day Agree with your team the best ways and times to connect Lean in to theContinue reading “My Work from Home Tips – structure, communication and courage”

An invaluable cyber security resource

I attended a presentation this week by CERT NZ and learnt some valuable things about cyber security which I thought would be great to share this week. Firstly, what was the event? It was hosted by Microsoft and showcased the digital transformation of a range of kiwi businesses – more on that another time. OneContinue reading “An invaluable cyber security resource”

A new Digital Council for NZ

Government leadership on New Zealand’s digital transformation has taken another step forward with the creation of the Digital Council for Aotearoa New Zealand. The Digital Council is an independent advisory group convened by the Minister for Government Digital Services and the Minister of Statistics. It is tasked with maximising the societal benefits of digital andContinue reading “A new Digital Council for NZ”

Safer Internet Day – Online Safety and Privacy

There is a Day for everything these days, and Tuesday was the day for a Safer Internet. Days like this are a good reminder for those important things we never take the time to deal with. What preventative steps should we take to safeguard our security and do what is necessary to look after ourselves?Continue reading “Safer Internet Day – Online Safety and Privacy”

My recommended holiday reads

Once you have finished that holiday novel, what to read next? Here is my list of recommended summer holiday reads. These books will help you discover: how technology is changing the work of human experts; that the future of the courts is AI-powered decision making; how we can track the evolution of language through whatContinue reading “My recommended holiday reads”