Safer Internet Day – Online Safety and Privacy

There is a Day for everything these days, and Tuesday was the day for a Safer Internet. Days like this are a good reminder for those important things we never take the time to deal with. What preventative steps should we take to safeguard our security and do what is necessary to look after ourselves? … Continue reading Safer Internet Day – Online Safety and Privacy

My recommended holiday reads

Once you have finished that holiday novel, what to read next? Here is my list of recommended summer holiday reads. These books will help you discover: how technology is changing the work of human experts; that the future of the courts is AI-powered decision making; how we can track the evolution of language through what … Continue reading My recommended holiday reads

Understand how you spend your time with MyAnalytics

Microsoft's Office 365 now contains a powerful tool to understand how you spend your time throughout the week. MyAnalytics was added to Office 365 suite this year. It gives you personalised information on how you have been working focusing on these areas: Network - who you have communicated with and patterns around these communications Collaboration … Continue reading Understand how you spend your time with MyAnalytics

Tech Terms: Sentiment Analysis

For most planning processes, it is a real challenge to get engagement and input from the public. It is also common to only hear from certain groups, leaving many communities unheard, especially marginalised groups. It's now possible to capture not only qualitative data from the public as they use and move through urban spaces, we … Continue reading Tech Terms: Sentiment Analysis