BAFTA for Acting Innovator working with New Technology

I’m always interested in how work is changing in other industries due to technology – let’s look at how BAFTA winner Andy Serkis is working with performance capture technology to innovate and disrupt what it is to be an actor.

Top Planning Apps for 2019

Planetizen in the US recently published this article on the best mobile apps to use in planning work. I thought this was a great article to share. Note it builds on an earlier article they published with a long list of “the best planning apps” – link here. This latest article discusses both the lackContinue reading “Top Planning Apps for 2019”

Tech Terms: Natural Language Processing

In the old days, you had to know how to speak the language of computers in order to use one. The dedicated few learnt precise commands in order to get a computer to undertake a task. Jump forward a few decades, and we have moved much further along the continuum of human-computer communication.  Computers canContinue reading “Tech Terms: Natural Language Processing”

Tech Terms: AR, VR, MR, XR

These tech terms all refer to technologies which provide immersion into a combined real and virtual environment, but what does each specific term actually mean? And are these technologies just for gaming and entertainment or will they be part of our work toolkit in the future? XR – Extended/Cross Realities XR is the umbrella termContinue reading “Tech Terms: AR, VR, MR, XR”

Tech Terms: Geofence

A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a real world area. Geofence technology can be used to identify when someone or something enters or leaves the geofenced area. This then triggers some form of action. For example, Countdown supermarkets use geofence technology for their Click and Collect service. A geofence applies to the area withinContinue reading “Tech Terms: Geofence”