Safer Internet Day – Online Safety and Privacy

There is a Day for everything these days, and Tuesday was the day for a Safer Internet. Days like this are a good reminder for those important things we never take the time to deal with. What preventative steps should we take to safeguard our security and do what is necessary to look after ourselves? The internet opens us up to the world, but we need to ensure that we monitor what comes back through that open gateway.

Our local champion of a safer and more secure internet is Netsafe NZ. Check out this  recent post with a great summary of how to protect yourself across all your digital activities and devices. This covers important areas such as:

  • recognising the importance of your personal information
  • good email behaviours to avoid safety risks
  • how to ensure the information your browser holds about you – essentially all the information you have searched and obtained from the internet – is secure
  • safeguards around your smart devices

If you have children, Netsafe is also an essential resource to parenting in this digital age. It offers simple guides to all the latest social media platforms your children may want to join. It also has resources on how to talk to your children about key digital concepts which could impact on their safety or privacy.

So, take five minutes to read Netsafe’s post and take action on at least one idea to increase your safety and privacy.

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