Boost your typing skills

Your typing speed (and accuracy) makes a big difference to your productivity. When was the last time you considered and fine-tuned your typing abilities? There are some great tools online for self-assessment and training, and we check them out in this post. One of the biggest myths is that you can't improve your typing ability … Continue reading Boost your typing skills

Powerpoint Hacks – Easy Ways to Add Images

The difference between planners and our colleagues in the design professions is never more evident than when it comes time to give a presentation. Architects and designers have presentations filled with inspiring images, whereas planners tend to ... shall we say ... over use the text. Adding some images to your presentations is not too … Continue reading Powerpoint Hacks – Easy Ways to Add Images

Shake up your computer input habits

Today's blog continues the theme of this month's newsletter - your relationship with your computer. In this post, I look at what you can do to make it easier for you to communicate with your computer. By communicate I mean how you input your instructions to your computer. Some simple changes can greatly enhance your … Continue reading Shake up your computer input habits