Slide Prep Made Easy! Draft in MS Word.

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation can take more time than you think. There is a simple way to save time by preparing your slide content in Word and then importing it to Powerpoint. Each slide, title and body text will be instantly created and formatted. It's much better than wasting time moving around your slides to … Continue reading Slide Prep Made Easy! Draft in MS Word.

Need maps? Try Power Map for Excel

Including a map in our technical writing and presentations is an easy way to make geographic information more engaging for our audience. With the advanced data visualisation these days it can seem a little intimidating. However generating simple maps is actually really easy and automated with Excel. It includes Power Map a quick and easy … Continue reading Need maps? Try Power Map for Excel

Choosing the right productivity software

Productivity software options have grown significantly in the past few years. If you are not yet incorporating any of these products into your workflows, it is important to give one a try. This post gives you some hints for choosing the right productivity app(s). The key considerations are: Function - what you need it to … Continue reading Choosing the right productivity software

Boost your typing skills

Your typing speed (and accuracy) makes a big difference to your productivity. When was the last time you considered and fine-tuned your typing abilities? There are some great tools online for self-assessment and training, and we check them out in this post. One of the biggest myths is that you can't improve your typing ability … Continue reading Boost your typing skills

Powerpoint Hacks – Easy Ways to Add Images

The difference between planners and our colleagues in the design professions is never more evident than when it comes time to give a presentation. Architects and designers have presentations filled with inspiring images, whereas planners tend to ... shall we say ... over use the text. Adding some images to your presentations is not too … Continue reading Powerpoint Hacks – Easy Ways to Add Images