Forming new habits

Today we look at how to form new habits to replace old ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Here are four things crucial to forming new habits: Repetition - This is what builds the stronger neural pathway in your mind. You have to do the new behaviour more than the old. This starts to build … Continue reading Forming new habits

The neuroscience of habits

See last week's post The Power of Habits - What is a Habit? for the introduction to this month's blog topic. The neuroscience around understanding habits has evolved dramatically in recent years. With medical scanning technology scientists and medical researchers alike have powerful tools to understand our brain. These tools allow them to see what is … Continue reading The neuroscience of habits

The Power of Habits -What is a Habit?

Understanding how your brain uses habits can help you be more productive with your time. You can use conscious habit-setting to achieve all sorts of change, including becoming more tech-savy. This month we are looking at Habits, as the last topic in our tech-free winter blog series. Since we are focused in this blog series … Continue reading The Power of Habits -What is a Habit?