NZPI’s PlanTechNZ group launch event

The New Zealand Planning Institute recently established a Special Interest Group called PlanTechNZ. I’ve been a member of the steering group progressing this initiative and we were very pleased to have been able to continue to launch the group despite the disruption of COVID19 lockdown and the postponement of the conference until next year.

What does the group do? It brings together NZ planners who are passionate about the role of emerging technologies in the future of planning practice. PlanTechNZ aims to bring planners together to make the most of these new technologies in the profession, and to achieve better outcomes for our communities and the environment.

PlanTechNZ launch event

The online launch event open to all NZPI planners will be held on Friday 1 May 12.30-1.45pm. The topic is sharing insights around planning and technology during the COVID19 situation. It features 7 speakers from a range of planning organisations sharing their experience. Register here.

PlanTechNZ members event

On Tuesday 5 May (12-1.30pm) there will be a members only event. This online event will be the first meeting of members and comprises two parts. It begins with an introduction to the group and its activities and then in the second part participants can meet in smaller groups in breakout rooms to discuss some key questions. As in person meetings of this nature will not be allowed for some time, it is great to have the chance to meet in smaller groups so all attendees can participate actively in the event.

The link to register for this event will go out to the members by email (so if interested make sure you join the group – see below). 

Joining PlanTechNZ

This webpage details more about the PlanTechNZ group. It contains the details of how to join. As shown, simply update your communication preferences in your NZPI dashboard to opt into the group’s emails.

And you definitely do not need to be skilled with technology to take part and contribute towards the important work PlanTechNZ will be doing.


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