The week that changed everything

How did we go within a week from an almost-business-as-usual life to being on day five of a nationwide Alert 4 lockdown?

This time last week I started to write a blog post with some advice for those unexpectedly working from home. I didn’t get to post this as the week went crazy with my kids home from school and busying ourselves with lockdown preparations. A week later, we are all now having to get to grips with remote work.

I have reflected on what I would say to those finding themselves working at home. I’ve been doing it for a while now, and I have fine tuned my approach over that time. I have loads of tips and tools to share. So over the next few days I will share some of those with you, with a blend of broader strategies and specific tools. Post topics will include:

  • Strategies for adjusting your routine from scaffolding a new location on to your old routine through to the drastic redesign of your day (plus the one I recommend which is the middle option of a more manageable hybrid approach)
  • Creating the conditions for productive work at home
  • Advice for overcoming reluctance to video calling – you might hate the idea of it but you can totally take that plunge
  • Adopting new communication tools through understanding what they offer you – chat does have its place in modern communication

Please get in touch if you have any other topics to suggest – let me know your pain points in making this new normal work for you.  

Since planning is a relatively slow moving process, most of us are thankfully still employed and have reports to finish and enquiries to respond to. For the time being at least, we can be busy on this work and how we adapt to getting this work done from home. So for the next week or so on the blog I will focus on that adjustment. Get in touch if you need personalised advice – I am setting up online booking for 15 min time slots to make it nice and simple.

After this initial series of posts, I will focus beyond the short term. You have likely gained time in your day by not having your usual commute and those old in-person meetings that we know take up lots of time but were of questionable value. So think of this time you have got back as a win and aim to do something useful. I know if you have young kids that time will be gone in a second, but for others it provides you the chance for some downtime from the relentless project work to focus on you and your development.

One often forgotten aspect of the modern professional’s skill set is digital skills. Most of us stumble through with what we acquire by experience or necessity. We don’t develop our professional, management, leadership or technical skills in such a haphazard manner. So take this as a change to identify where your digital skills have gaps and plug these to really make a difference to you and your work. This is why I developed the digital competency programme. There has never been a greater incentive to do this. Growing and developing your digital skills is about making digital technology work for you and amongst other things will give you agility and adaptability for events just like this one. Again, stay tuned for some new options to access that programme.

If you don’t subscribe to this blog already use the link on the right (or below if you are on a smartphone) to subscribe. My posts are also published to my LinkedIn and RMA Digital’s Twitter too. My quarterly newsletter will be going out soon too, so sign up for that if you want less frequent updates and the best of the blog. 

Stay safe all, and make the most of your bubble.



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