My recommended holiday reads

Once you have finished that holiday novel, what to read next? Here is my list of recommended summer holiday reads. These books will help you discover:

  • how technology is changing the work of human experts;
  • that the future of the courts is AI-powered decision making;
  • how we can track the evolution of language through what we post on the internet; and
  • better ways to manage your domestic responsibilities.

So a very wide variety of reads on offer, but all ones which I think support some aspect of improving your digital competencies to meet the challenges of our modern world.

The Future of the Professions by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind

This book is one of my all time favourites for anyone thinking about the future of their profession. Not something you typically think about? Well this book sets out a compelling case for why we should be thinking about this. New technologies are changing the very premise of many professions and the role of the human expert in our society. Check it out here.

Online Courts and the Future of Justice by Richard Susskind

Having read several of Richard’s earlier books, I am confident to recommend his latest release despite the fact I haven’t got a copy for myself yet – but it is definitely on my list of must reads for 2020. What I have heard so far sounds great, here is a post from Richard summarising the book’s main themes.

Is it relevant to resource management practitioners? Are specialist courts like the Environment Court immune to these changes? While the change may not be as drastic as in the everyday justice processes, I’m picking that the underlying principles driving these changes are applicable to all courts. We should understand what will drive change in the justice system, and I am sure Richard’s book will take us on the perfect journey to understand that.

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky

To make change in your work and technology habits you need some headspace to work through the change process. You can’t find that space if your head is cluttered with hundreds of non-work tasks. Fair Play is a life changing book when it comes to the division of domestic labour. Eve names and acknowledges the different types of domestic responsibility you juggle such as invisible work, emotional labour, mental load and the second shift.

Eve has developed a well-researched modern answer to ‘who does what’ and gamified the solution to make it really adaptable to your family’s needs. It is aimed at couples with kids, but more than half of the tasks it teaches you to manage better are not child-related so it actually works perfectly for any partnership.

Check out Fair Play here.

Because Internet by Gretchen McCulloch

This book deals with how our language is changing as a result of the internet. I recommend this for anyone concerned with the demise of the English language for a new take on this change from a linguist’s perspective. As Gretchen says language is humanity’s greatest open source project and now that we can all publish and post freely, things will change. And we can now track this evolution of our language in real time. Fascinating.

Check it out here – her website also has an interesting podcast series called Lingthusiasm for any language geeks out there.

Happy reading over the summer break!

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