Hacks for MS Word

In today’s post I share some hacks for using MS Word. I shared this earlier in the year at the NZPI conference, but these hints are worth mentioning again, just in case you weren’t at the conference.

Firstly, the biggest impediment to making efficient use of Word is old habits. MS Word doesn’t require you to memorise a bunch of keys and commands anymore. The word processing technology has become much more intuitive and responsive to us. Yet many of us are still trapped in these old patterns which are now killing our productivity.

Check out the list below of “old habits” and how to replace these with quicker methods.

My favourite one is 2. I used to look up and down menus for the right button to format my text. I didn’t realise I could type what I was looking for in the ‘Tell me’ field (shortcut key Alt-Q).



The above are images off my conference flyer rather than text (so hopefully they display ok on your device). Thanks again to Zoe Hindle of On Format Limited for formatting and designing my flyer. I highly recommend Zoe if you need help with your document design or formatting presentations. She has worked alongside resource management practitioners for many years so knows our industry.


Happy report writing!

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