Local Government Magazine article

My article ‘Localism in a hyper-connected, borderless world’ appears in this month’s (July 2019) Local Government Magazine. link to article

This article draws on research I undertook as part of this year’s Rodney Davies Research Symposium. My research paper is on ‘digital disruption in the planning profession’. I presented my research findings at the NZPI conference this year, and the paper will be published later in the year.

To suit the audience of LG magazine, I applied my research findings to a topical issue in local government right now – the localism debate. The magazine has had a number of articles on this topic in recent months. My viewpoint is that we need to see beyond a duel between local and central government. We need to work together to best prepare New Zealand for the disruptive change happening right now. Check out the article to find out more.

It would be great to hear your feedback on this article.


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