Our Training Services

The benefits of training your planners on these topics include:

  • Maximise the benefit of your technology investment, particularly now many software tools are subscription-based services but largely unused by many staff.
  • Cost savings as planners have the skills to use smarter tools and incorporate more automation (and efficiency) in their workflows.
  • Greater insights as planners engage more with data and analytics.
  • Improved health and safety when staff understand how to use technology well so are not overwhelmed.

NZPI Continuing Professional Development Courses

In 2021 we will be offering three courses via the NZPI CPD calendar.

  • Emerging Technologies in Resource Management – see details here
  • Data Literacy for the Modern Planning Professional – see details here
  • Strategies for Information Management in Planning Practice – see details here 

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Session topics cover a wide range of future focused topics including:

  • Emerging Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – an introduction
  • Smart Cities – why planners should be involved
  • Tweaking workflows to make the most of Office 365 for the modern planner
  • Digital competency – an introduction
  • Emerging Technologies in Building and Construction – what do planners need to know

Aligning Digital Skills for a Project/Team

These are typically 2 to 4 hour sessions designed to set the conditions for a successful project or to aid a team in working together better. Ongoing coaching of the whole group or members within it is also an optional add on. These sessions feature lots of applied practice of the skills necessary to use the subject technologies.

Session topics include:

  • Pre-Project Alignment – Unify your team on the digital technologies which will be used on a particular project/team.
  • Office 365 – Using Office 365 in the planner’s workflow.
  • Communication and collaboration software for planners.

Please get in touch to discuss your training requirements as we can tailor our training services to your needs.