Our Services

Our services enable you and/or your organisation to keep up to date with change in the world arising from digital technologies. It is not just about the technology itself, but the deep changes occurring in our society as a result of these technologies.


For organisations:

  • Modernise your workflows, include more automation, and make the most of digital technologies to get the professional work done faster and more effectively
  • Educate staff on a range of future-focused topics to aid a common understanding amongst the whole team as to how to get the project done smarter
  • Offer training and support to your staff who are struggling to keep up with digital technologies – support by those in their profession, rather than from an “IT geek”
  • Trusted advice to aid your consideration of key business decisions such as software and hardware spend, training and responding to the challenges of operating a practice in the modern world

For sole practitioners/smaller practices:

  • Take up the benefits of modernised workflows without having to put aside any of the “real work” – we can deliver smart templates and training on how to use them
  • Sound advice on digital competencies and what new skills will benefit your practice most

For individual RM practitioners:

  • Regardless of where you work, you can take control of your own productivity and learn better ways to get the work done, to be able to get on with life outside of work
  • Learn new digital competencies following a well designed development plan


Our services are designed to assist Resource Management Act (RMA) professionals in New Zealand. The digital age gives us unlimited information, global connectivity and disruption of many industries. It has never been a more difficult time to be in a profession. We empower you by providing services to “automate” your workflows and to offer training to take up the digital skills from which you will benefit.