Case Studies

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Our training is always tailored to your  specific needs. We presently have six  standard modules which address common problems that RMA professionals face in their work. However the way we deliver this training focuses on teaching core skills and knowledge at a level which is beneficial to you. We also work with you to find specific tools and solutions which will work for you.


andrew pic
To learn more about working productively in Word, see Reports Training Module

Andrew, as a scientist, thought of himself as reasonably computer literate – “we use Excel for analysing our data, and field work involves GPS and some great apps these days“.

The RMA part of his work was a struggle as it involved preparing detailed technical reports on his findings on the environmental effects. There was also lots of RMA jargon to be used correctly. His reports ended up bouncing back and forth to the project team with time-consuming edits. This used up valuable time at the end of the assignment, when he frankly didn’t have the budget left to deal with it.

“RMA Digital taught me how to unlock the power of Word for these reports. I was able to create standard content to explain many of the concepts and assumptions in my field. By using this standard content as building blocks, along with a few other tricks, I was able to produce a first draft in record time. Best of all, it has dramatically reduced the amount of editing required. I’m totally happy. “


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To learn more about working collaboratively, see Collaboration Training Module

Colin had been in sole practice for about 20 years, primarily preparing resource consent applications and private plan changes for regular clients. Whilst he had adopted email and many new technologies, fundamentally he was not working any differently to what he did 10 years ago.

He was also responsible for managing the sub-consultants in the project. This was where things started to get challenging.

“Some of my clients and sub-consultants had started to deliver me their reports over the cloud rather than email. The reports were also being edited in the cloud rather than versions being emailed back and forth. To tell you the truth, I felt a bit lost with keeping track of it all, especially as the deadline loomed. I had to be sure I was appending the right version of all these technical reports to the AEE.”

RMA Digital taught Colin the fundamentals of collaborating on documents in the cloud, in a very practical and hands on manner. Soon he was also confidently managing projects there too. Moving project management away from Colin’s inbox really helped him reduce the number of emails he was dealing with as well.

RMA Digital inherently understood how I work and what I needed to learn. I was taught the skills to tackle the exact issue I had but did not know where to start on my own.”


linda pic
To learn more about email management, see Email Training Module, and to learn more about time and task management, see Time and Tasks Training Module

Linda started each day dealing with her inbox. By the time she had worked through it all and responded, the day was half gone. She never had enough focus left for her design work and report writing.

RMA Digital started with the “psychology” around email – by letting other people’s emails manage her day, Linda wasn’t in control of her time or her work. She was also using some of her most focused time on email correspondence rather than working on her own projects or critically analysing the designs she was asked to review.

RMA Digital worked through some options with Linda to tackle not only the inbox but to put her in control of her to-do list. Even something as simple as having her Outlook open each day in (her) Tasks list rather than the dreaded Inbox reinforced her new priorities.

Vital to Linda’s success was establishing really simple but effective new work processes. These made it easier to adopt new practices, as she was repeating them as a series.  RMA Digital also provided Linda with a summary poster of these new processes – should could view this from her computer but also printed a copy to have on her desk.

“RMA Digital helped me to transform my email skills. My favourite timesaver is email templates. These have enabled me to quickly respond to common email requests. Even better, I know that my reply with be clear and complete, rather than writing in the moment and missing out important information because I was so rushed.”


tess pic
To find out more about project information management, see Information Training Module

Tess prepares technical reports for AEE’s. Once the resource consent is granted and the project is being constructed, she is also involved in certifying compliance with the conditions of consent.

“RMA Digital looked at our processes for our RMA work from start to finish. One key issue was how much time we spend looking for project information over and over again through the life of the project.  

RMA Digital helped the team to see that we were not holding information truly digitally, we were accessing it scattered across a series of electronic documents. Now it is so much easier to find the information I need on the project. Plus the team works so much better as we can more easily step in to help each other with a project.”