Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To equip RMA professionals to adapt their practice to the digital age.

Our Five Year Vision

We would like to have led the way in supporting pioneering RMA practitioners in disrupting their professions and re-inventing practice for the modern world.

Our Approach

We achieve our mission by providing services which enable you to:

  • develop your digital skills and technical aptitude
  • adopt a digital mindset to your practice and workflows
  • understand the influence of the digital age on society and how this influences your practice
  • manage the risks of operating in the online world
  • adopt new skills into your practice easily, cost effectively and without delay  – we provide new ‘smart’ templates and tools so you can put your new skills in practice

Our Principles

  1. For all – Regardless of your existing technology aptitude, you can eliminate those frustrations of the digital age. You can thrive in the opportunities it presents.
  2. Evolving skills – You have the professional skills and experience, but the changes in the world mean we all need to update our skills and add some new tools to the professional toolbox.
  3. Work together with your technology – You should be free to get on with the true professional work with your technology taking care of repetitive tasks and the day to day demands of digital life such as emails, info overload, filing, drafting technical reports.
  4. Embrace Data – Information overload need not affect accuracy and productivity in your work flow. It can transform your work and add to your credibility.