Privacy Policy

You can find all our Policies and Terms and Conditions on this page. Please read the relevant documents before engaging RMA Digital’s Services.

Please note the following in particular:

  • We will not input directly to or use your devices.
  • We are not technical IT specialists and you must rely on your IT staff or service providers for all information technology matters and support.
  • We do not provide licenses to use any particular software – you are responsible for maintaining an appropriate software license(s) to use the documents, tools and templates we provide.
  • You must not share the intellectual property or any copyright functionality of our templates or assembled documents with others.
  • We focus on Microsoft Office applications and Android. Our key messages on mindset and workflow are relevant to any professional regardless of the platforms or programs used. However if you use Apple/iOS or G Suite we cannot offer training on practical use of these programs at this time.

Standard Terms of Engagement

Terms and Conditions for All Promotions