Christine Coste

Christine Coste (BPlan, MNZPI) founded RMA Digital in 2017 to enable planners and other RMA-related professionals to better meet the challenges of the digital age.

“Regardless of your existing tech aptitude, you can update your skills to eliminate those frustrations of the digital age and perhaps even thrive in it. It all begins with updating your skills and adding some new tools to the professional toolbox.”

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Christine Coste (BPlan, MNZPI), RMA Digital founder


  • has 18 years experience in RMA planning
  • holds a Bachelor of Planning from the University of Auckland
  • is a Full member of the New Zealand Planning Institute
  • is a certified RMA hearings commissioner
  • holds a Certificate in Public Participation from the International Association for Public Participation.

She has a passion for assisting all professionals in the RMA sector to engage with and keep up in this challenging digital age.

” The digital age and the change it is bringing to the world is immense. Planners cannot best contribute to communities if we do not understand and embrace the opportunities provided by the digital age. Every profession will be disrupted and will need to adapt. 

We all need to undertake a digital transformation to some degree to meet the needs of our clients, our colleagues, the public, the environment, the standards of our profession and most importantly still be present in our lives with our loved ones.” 

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