NZPI CPD Courses for 2021

Christine will be presenting three courses this year on the NZPI CPD calendar:

The two new courses are on important topics for the modern planner – data literacy and how to best manage all that information necessary to maintain up-to-date professional knowledge. See full details in the links above, or a summary of each is below.

The new Data Literacy course grows the ability of the average planner to work with data in their practice. Data skills have evolved significantly since most of us where in the education system. This course presents an update and extension of your data literacy skills based on the modern technological solutions which are available. There are many new tools which can help you take a more data-orientated approach to your work without the need to extend your knowledge of spreadsheets. The course will cover the growing importance of data in modern professional practice, principles such as open data, how to access data and weave this into your reporting, explore tools to better understand and gain insights from data. 

The new Strategies for Information Management course helps planners get to grips with the information involved in our work. Planning is inherently knowledge-intensive and the volume and complexity of this information has increased drastically with the growth of the internet. Most experienced planners have not been specifically trained in digital information practices nor have an awareness of the latest technologies to support the effective use of information in their practice. This impacts not only how robustly information associated with project work is managed, but more importantly how professional knowledge and expertise as a whole is managed by the individual practitioner. This course takes you through the process of preparing a personalised information management strategy to bring structure, clarity and the best of modern technology to your information practices

Looking forward to meeting you at one of these courses, or check out this page if you are interested in our other training services.

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