Blog is back, with a ‘how to’ series

Last week I attended an NZPI Auckland branch event IN REAL LIFE which was a welcome novelty after all the virtual events 2020 has involved. Now that in person events are back on, it seems like a good time to pick up the blogging again. COVID disruption has impacted on many aspects of our lives and for me blogging on various things planning and technology has been one of them.

So to kick things off again I’d like to focus on a series of ‘how to’ articles. The most popular post on the blog remains How to measure off drawings without printing them out (updated). The format of this article is to step you through the new digital process using the equivalent steps that you would have used when doing this in the old ‘real world’ process.

My digital transformation journey has led to new ways of doing all sorts of things compared to what I did several years ago. So I am happy to share some of these with you, but it got me wondering what you are most keen to know how to do. If you have any steps in your work day where you find yourself wondering ‘there must be a better way to do this?’ or ‘could I get my computer to do or automate this?’ then let me know.

It may seem like many steps in your workflows are unavoidable however you would be surprised the digital tools out there and the impact these can make. So there are no silly questions – I’m confident there are better ways to do most things, even if it is just a micro-improvement. These little changes add up to efficiency gains. More importantly making little changes gives you psychological agency over the design of your workflows. This sense of control can be a great antidote to the sense of being awash in an uncertain and changing world. Little changes can be a really powerful way to start a more comprehensive digital transformation journey.

Keep an eye out today as you work for that ‘there must be a better way?’ moment! Let me know by commenting below or via email. You may find the answer on the blog in the next few weeks.

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