All TechWeek 2020 events can be attended virtually

All events at this year’s TechWeek will be online, which is great news. We can all have access to the full range of events from all around New Zealand. So if you haven’t attended a TechWeek event in previous years, it is a great year to do so. It is all happening next week 27-31 July.

What is TechWeek all about? It’s a great showcase of how kiwis are using tech in all sorts of innovative ways. TechWeek’s website states:

The intention behind Techweek is simple. New Zealand’s technology and innovation sectors are growing rapidly, and Techweek fosters that growth by providing the national ecosystem with a week-long opportunity for connection and cross-pollination, using an independent platform to amplify New Zealand’s unique and inspiring innovation stories to the world.

It’s a great way to hear what NZ tech entrepreneurs and innovators across a range of industries are doing. And to challenge our thinking about how activities operate and discover new new solutions to manage environmental effects.

There are a number of events which may be of particular interest to planners and other resource management practitioners which include:

  • Woods is holding a workshop demonstrating all the latest in the geospatial industry so check that out if you want to know more about how technology is changing surveying and other field work.
  • This event from Orbica’s founder also explores the topic of geospatial tech and using AI to better understand our impact on the environment.
  • This event looks at smart cities and what opportunities there are for NZ cities.
  • If you are wanting to know more about Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing activities, there is an event dealing with innovation in the wood processing industry.
  • Beca has an event looking at decarbonisation in industry including how unrelated industries can connect to use resources more sustainably.
  • This event looks at using technology in the food supply chain and farming sectors including optimising production.
  • Collaborative digital ecosystems to support better management of our natural environment is the topic of a panel discussion at this event.
  • Beca has another event on using AI to achieve better community consultation.
  • This event looks at using AI to improve road safety.
  • The future of engineering and the place of digital twins in that future is the topic of this event.

There are also lots of great sessions around the topics of remote work, the future of work and other aspects directly related to our recent working from home lockdown experiences.

Quick disclaimer, I haven’t any inside knowledge on these events, and am just going off what is on the programme and what may be of interest to planners. There are a total of 249 events, so do check out the event programme for full details on all events and for other topics of interest to you and your work.

It’s really easy to register for any event right from that event page. You also don’t need to set up a TechWeek account to create a personal schedule and save the events you are interested in to your scheduled. You can even get all your saved events emailed to yourself.

Challenge yourself to attend a TechWeek event if you haven’t attended one before.


Published by Christine Coste

Hello, I'm Christine. I help RMA professionals in NZ get to grips with professional practice in the digital world. I have worked as a planner for 20 years (BPlan, MNZPI). I understand the processes you work with and how you can adapt your professional practice to overcome today's challenges. Get to know me at RMA Digital's blog if you feel a little overwhelmed with technology and work these days.

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