Welcome to 2020!

It just sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? 2020.

If there was ever a year for improving your digital skills, this is it.

Every individual has a unique combination of digital skills. Why? Because most people have never learned these abilities in any sort of structured manner. Word processing came along, email came along, texting came along, cloud collaboration came along. And so on.

Planning is what our profession is all about, but how much planning do we apply to developing our own capabilities? We set professional development targets at the annual performance review but these are about our careers generally, professional/technical skills or business acumen. When do we assess our digital capabilities in a similar manner and plan to address any gaps?

RMA Digital provides services which help you address that missing part of your professional development planning. Digital competency. Digital competencies comprise the knowledge, skills and mindsets needed to use digital technology well. It is a vital component of being a professional these days.

RMA Digital can help you:

  • identify your digital competencies and any gaps
  • understand the most important gaps to fill to equip you to work smarter
  • plan and prioritise learning these new capabilities
  • connect you with training materials to achieve your training goals
  • support you along the way with coaching to stay on track and adapt your goals as your competencies grow

Many new year’s resolutions centre around goals to do with well being (more sleep, less stress). Having poor or outdated digital competencies can be a real drain on your productivity and well being. So making positive change around your relationship with technology can help you achieve your lifestyle and well being resolutions. Even better, setting a goal to increase your digital competencies in 2020 will lead you to some transformative change, in both your personal and work life, and set you up for success throughout the 2020’s. Don’t wait another year!

Get in touch with Christine if you would like to know more about our digital competency services.


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