Understand how you spend your time with MyAnalytics

Microsoft’s Office 365 now contains a powerful tool to understand how you spend your time throughout the week. MyAnalytics was added to Office 365 suite this year. It gives you personalised information on how you have been working focusing on these areas:

  • Network – who you have communicated with and patterns around these communications
  • Collaboration – patterns around the meetings you attend
  • Focus – how much time you spend working uninterrupted on focus tasks
  • Well-being – how frequently you are accessing work outside of your nominated work hours

Check out Microsoft’s overview of MyAnalystics hereThe data for MyAnalytics comes from across the Office 365 programs but draws heavy from Outlook as this shows your email activity, meetings and which contacts you are working with most often.

You can get a weekly email which gives you the week’s results and shares insights and suggested actions.

Five ways you can use MyAnalytics to increase your productivity and/or be more effective:

  1. Monitor time spend in meetings and whether it is productive time – MyAnalytics will total how much meeting time you had in a week. It offers actionable insights such as “30% of your meetings are reoccurring ones, you may like to check whether all these meetings are still productive”.
  2. Manage and prioritize client contact – MyAnalytics allows you to see how much time you spend with each of your clients, colleagues and other collaborators. Ensure that the way you have spend time reflects your priorities. You can flag certain people as important and you will be reminded to prioritize their emails and tasks. If you are spending too much time on some interactions, simply knowing this allows you to explore other ways of facilitating more time efficient interactions.
  3. Ensure you set aside time to focus on those big tasks – Finding time to work on drafting reports is a real challenge these days. As Microsoft is suggesting through MyAnalytics, it is vital to set aside time for this work and to ensure that you avoid interruptions such as email notifications. Office 365 will assist you to do this by setting that focus time (and there are more features coming around managing your focus time).
  4. Understand the importance of time away from work and what you are dealing with after hours – MyAnalytics allows you to monitor the time you spend on work outside of your nominated working hours. You can get insights such as “20% of your collaboration occurs outside of working hours”.
  5. Understand the impact of your out of hours requests on your colleagues – MyAnalytics has an associated tool in Outlook which will remind you how your after hours email has impacted on those receiving the email (i.e. whether your email recipients respond back to you outside of work hours). This allows you to reconsider sending the email during work hours. See more here.

MyAnalytics is still a newish tool but it shows the potential for personalised data to give you the insights you need to take control of your work patterns. It is well worth exploring.

And if you are looking to make a change in your work habits but having difficulty making change ‘stick’, get in touch. There is a bit of work involved in making big changes to your work practices, but the long term benefits of doing this far outweigh the initial discomfort. And it’s much less painless if you have a mentor to guide you through that process.

Next month the blog will cover things you can do over the Christmas break to boost your productivity ready for 2020. Nothing too boring, just recommended books to read, videos to watch and even games and apps to try.

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