Scanning from your mobile – Office Lens

Rather than take a trip to the photocopier, try using Office Lens to take a scan at your desk. Need to take a picture of that whiteboard at the end of the meeting – use Office Lens.

With the programs within Microsoft Office becoming ever the more integrated, it makes sense to look at how quickly you can get information into that system. Office Lens is a perfect ‘real time’ option. You can scan from wherever you are without having to go to the office scanner or remembering to make a scan later.

Check out Microsoft’s instructions for Office Lens here. It is simply a case of having the Office Lens app on your phone and giving it access to your Onedrive. If you are still getting to grips with Onedrive then you may need a little of assistance to feel confident as to where your scans go when you make them. You should be able to find a colleague who is using Onedrive and can reassure you on this.

When you scan you can choose the type of thing you are scanning – document, whiteboard, photo or business card. Then you choose where you want it saved (and in what format) – Word, Powerpoint, an image, pdf or to your Onenote notebook.

Importantly it is equipped with powerful OCR – the ability to convert the text in the image to text in your computer. Forget having to type up meeting minutes or paragraphs of text which you only have as a print copy. When you scan in your document to Word it will appear as editable text ready to paste into wherever you need it. (Of course always check it for accuracy – the clearer the scan, the better the accuracy of the OCR will be).

So catch yourself when you next go to the copy room to scan that one page or expense receipt and give Office Lens a go. While its not technically new, the increasingly powerful integration with the rest of the Office suite make it a really good addition to your workflow.

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Published by Christine Coste

Hello, I'm Christine. I help RMA professionals in NZ get to grips with professional practice in the digital world. I have worked as a planner for 20 years (BPlan, MNZPI). I understand the processes you work with and how you can adapt your professional practice to overcome today's challenges. Get to know me at RMA Digital's blog if you feel a little overwhelmed with technology and work these days.

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