Slide Prep Made Easy! Draft in MS Word.

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation can take more time than you think. There is a simple way to save time by preparing your slide content in Word and then importing it to Powerpoint. Each slide, title and body text will be instantly created and formatted. It’s much better than wasting time moving around your slides to add text to the right Title and Content boxes.

Most resource management practitioners work in MS Word far more than they use MS Powerpoint. So it makes sense to work with what you know best as you will be most efficient there.

So how do we create a presentation outline in Word? Here’s how:

  1.  Create a new Word document for your outline (you can’t just import selected text in the document as the whole file will be imported to Powerpoint)
  2. Switch on outline view (‘Views’, ‘Outline’)
  3. Type (or paste in) your slide content.
  4. Apply Level 1 to your slide titles and Level 2 to your slide body text (i.e. your slide bullet points).
  5. Save and close (it won’t work unless you close)
  6. In Powerpoint select ‘New Slide’ and under the options you will see ‘Slides from Outline’ – select this option, click on your Word file and your slides will be created.

Microsoft provides full instructions plus a demo video here. Definitely watch the video as it shows the most efficient way to apply the styles to your outline, to ensure it really is a time saver.

If you like working in the outline format, you can actually prepare slide content like this within Powerpoint – check out the instructions for that here. You type in your slide content on the left using ‘Enter’ for creating the next slide and using ‘Tab’ to create the body text following the heading. It shows you what your finished slide will look like on the right hand side of the screen which is helpful.

I will be sharing a  bunch of ‘What’s New (and new-ish)’ in Microsoft Office over the coming month. So stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t already (see right hand sidebar to subscribe via email) or follow me on LinkedIn.


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