How-To June

In June the blog will cover quick tips and tricks for boosting productivity.



Let me know some of those little things that bug you about working with your technology, and I will include a solution in one of the posts. Send in your question by email or contact me via twitter or linkedin.

What sort of hints will I be sharing?

  1. Saving time with Office programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint (check out the video embedded in this post which shows how you can make a simple Powerpoint slide more engaging and dynamic by adding simple shapes and animations)
  2. How to better communicate with your computer – i.e. how to more efficiently transfer info from you to your computer or vice versa. Most of us do this on autopilot and there are much better ways
  3. Email efficiencies and alternative ways to communicate with others
  4. Task and time management – don’t waste time on admin
  5. Keeping track of your professional information, resources and learning – don’t keep it all in your head

So next time you want to throw your computer out the window or find yourself thinking ‘why am I still doing this boring task … when cars drive themselves and drones deliver pizza’, get in touch. With technology many of us are stuck using old solutions when much better ones are available once you know where to look.

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