NZPI Conference Promotions

We hope you are enjoying the NZPI Conference in beautiful Napier. We are running two promotions at the conference.

For Individuals

We have for a limited time FREE access to a micro-course offering an overview of digital competency. What is it and what are the knowledge and skills included as essential digital competencies? There is also a short self assessment quiz to get you thinking about where your strengths and weaknesses lie in these areas.

Enrol in our online learning centre here (no obligation to enrol in a course) to hear about upcoming courses. In the months ahead we will make more self-paced training available on the online teaching platform We have a course available in May 2019 to help you set goals for digital competency planning. This enables you to grow your digital skills alongside your professional development goals.

We are also starting a RMA Digital LinkedIn Group here for peer support while undertaking your digital transformation journey.

For Organisations

Book your free 15 minute consultation with Christine at the NZPI conference. Contact Christine at or on the conference app to book (online booking coming soon). Chat about the digital competencies of your team and how you can promote better communication, productivity and project success within your team.

The number of FREE consultations is limited, so get in quick. These are available at the conference or by phone the week after the conference.


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