Panel Opportunity at NZPI Conf 2019

Are you interested in being a member of a panel at the NZPI Conference 2019 in Napier? This is a great opportunity to be involved in a discussion group in front of others in your profession – yet the topic is relatively informal.

I am hosting a panel discussion at the NZPI 2019 conference and am looking for five planners to be involved. The panel topic is how five generations work together in the profession. Further information on the topic is here, and the panel will be from 12.05 to 12.40 on Thursday 4 April 2019 at the NZPI Conference in Napier.  I would like a planner from each of the following age brackets to represent the five generational cohorts in the modern workplace:

  • 24 years or under (Gen Z)
  • 25 to 39 years (Millennial/Gen Y)
  • 40 to 54 years (Gen X)
  • 55 to 74 years (Baby Boomer)
  • 74 years plus (Traditionalist)

As the generational cohorts are arbitrary groupings, there is some flexibility in the age ranges. I am particularly keen to identify suitable Gen Z and Traditionalist panel members given most planners active in the profession are in the middle three cohorts.

If you are interested please get in touch by email. Please state your contact details and the generational cohort you fall in. If you know someone who would make a great panel member, please share this with them.

Note participation is on a voluntary basis and you must be registered for the Conference for Thursday 4th April.

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