Goodbye Resolutions, Hello Habits

Do you still make new years resolutions? It’s traditional to use the new year as a fresh start – to set goals and either do more good things, like more exercise and green juices, or do less bad things, like less days of the week with wine.

Yet the psychology of resolutions set most of us up for the inevitable breaking of resolutions, typically within 3 weeks. Less than 10% of resolutions succeed.

So, this year, instead of resolutions, create new habits. What is the difference? Check out this article ‘Don’t Make Resolutions…’ by Liz Guthridge published in Forbes. It explains why learned automatic routines (i.e. habits) are so much better than goals relying on your motivation to stick at them (i.e. resolutions). She also provides a simple seven step process for building habits.  Anchoring your new habit to an established part of your regular routine is my favourite.

I really like the article as it shows the importance of neuroscience and psychology in succeeding with change, of any sort. Our world is so complex, we really need to learn how our brains tick in order to adapt our work practices.

Whilst many resolutions are about our personal lives, I really encourage you to look at what new habits you could build in your work life in 2018. One term worth a google is ‘Tech resolutions 2018’ – this allows you to see what others are committing to in terms of good tech habits for the year ahead.

Here are some articles worth a read – a common theme this year is setting some new ‘relationship boundaries’ with your technology.

New Years Tech Resolutions from the Independent

New Years Tech Resolutions for    – I like the first suggestion headed ‘Detox your Inbox’ – how a minute a day will free you of all those automated email messages in a few short weeks. Make January 2018 the time to deal with those email newsletters and other circulations permanently. Otherwise you will be dealing with them as they are sent out every day, every week or every month of 2018.

2018 Tech Resolutions for Netsafe NZ – from a source closer to home, but lacking a little in detail and ‘do-ability’.

Resolutions for Improving our Digital Lives – includes some great ones such as Clean Up the Homescreen of your phone and Download More Apps for those platforms which you frequent as this is the most efficient means to access these platforms.

Plus, we should all remember to look at security of all devices we now use, plus the wi-fi we are connecting these devices to. A great use of January 2018 is to get your security sorted for the year ahead.

Happy habit building.



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