Are you in sole practice/small practice? How RMA Digital’s toolbox can help you

The Problem:

You undertake repetitive tasks on many of your projects, however it does not seem worthwhile to create templates or standard work processes for these tasks when it is just you or your small team. However, lack of consistency can lead to errors which erode the accuracy and reliability of your professional work, plus result in wasted time and re-work during the life of the project. Does it need to be this way in the digital age?

The Solution:

Tap into the Digital Toolbox for RMA Professionals™ which provides you templates, worksheets, flow charts and calculators to maintain accuracy in your professional process and save you time.

The Benefits

The Digital Toolbox for RMA Professionals™ service offers the following benefits:

  • Consistency/Accuracy – using the Toolbox provides structure to your work flow to ensure you don’t miss any vital steps.
  • Automation – some of our tools incorporate automation of repetitive tasks saving you time. 
  • Productivity – free up your mind and focus on  the critical elements of your work.
  • Up to date tools – Keeping up with RMA amendments and other changes are time consuming, the toolbox is kept up to date as key RMA references change. No more out of date templates.

So, how does it work?

The Digital Toolbox for RMA Professionals™ is hosted in the cloud and you can gain access to the whole toolbox via our membership option or to individual tools if you prefer. We recommend the membership as best value for money and also because we update the tools in the cloud as required, so you know you always have access to the latest version.

The Tools are provided in Microsoft Office software. You need to maintain a license to Microsoft Office to use the templates – we do not license you the software. If you do not use Office (e.g. you use Apple or Google) then you may still use the Toolbox however you will be responsible for adapting or converting the tool to your software – this may not be fully functional.

If you have membership access, you simply view the Toolbox online, select the tool which suits your needs and download it for use. We also appreciate your feedback and comments as we are constantly trying to improve these resources.

Types of Tools included in the Toolbox

At least one new Tool is added each month. The starting package of Tools includes one template/worksheet under each part of the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is structured as follows:

Core Tool Set

  • Managing information/research
  • Calculating
  • Managing team/correspondence
  • Assessing effects
  • Strategic thinking/brainstorming

Specialised Tool Set

  • Consultation

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