Why Digital Skills Training?

The Problem:

All this digital technology and change can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. If you don’t start, you will loose ground trying to keep up with communications generated by robots and lengthy documents compiled with automation.

Like it or not the digital age is here, and we need to keep up. Our professional standards require us to keep our skills and expertise up to date and we are now operating in a complex digital world that many of us have never trained for.

The Solution:

Our training services offer a personalised approach to updating your work practices with digital tools and resources.

Firstly, we don’t tell you what you should know about tech. We find out what it is about your work day which you dislike and would like solutions for, and then we tailor your training to introduce you to solutions which may work for you. This goes beyond computer skills to look at your work flows and mindset to the role technology has in your work day.

We believe success in the digital age is about task allocation between you and your tech – we help you achieve the optimal working relationship. This is about understanding what you do best and what a computer does best. If you work together in the right roles you can be a great team.

Plus, using your existing technology and software subscriptions makes great business sense – see our post Seven Reasons RMA Digital is a good use of your cashflow.

The Benefits

The Training Services offer the following benefits:

  • Industry specific – We understand what your work involves, what you need and what is out there to help you achieve it. Training for RMA professionals by experienced RMA professionals.
  • Personalised – We don’t try to teach what you don’t want to know. That never works when it comes to tech aptitude. We help you identify your “pain points” in your work, ignite a spark of interest in a solution, then show you how to implement that solution.
  • Well Planned Learning Goals – We prepare an individualised training plan at the outset so you know which training modules best meet the digital competencies you wish to achieve. This Plan is your road map. We also help you keep on track with your plan.
  • At your Pace – you are not locked in to a fixed course session and of a set duration. Pick up training when you prefer, around your project commitments.
  • Stress management / health and safety – so many professionals are wearing themselves out keeping up with emails and their diary. Get in control and manage your own day – your mind will thank you for it. Avoid stress and its effects on your life.

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