Seven Reasons RMA Digital is a good use of your cashflow

Is it worth the money? This is the critical question when considering any training expense for your business. What will I get out of it and how will it help the bottom line?

This post explains why trying an hour of one-on-one training with RMA Digital is worth it. In short, it is about getting more out of the subscriptions and licences you already pay for and freeing up your own time so that you can do more productive work.

Seven great reasons an hour with RMA Digital is a good use of your cashflow:

  1. It is one-off, with no ongoing commitment – while we would love to see you regularly to grow your skills and offer some of our other services, there is no upselling or pressure. We can do a 1-on-1 one-hour learning module with you and grow your skills in that area. No ongoing subscription or commitment if you do not want it.

“80% of users of a program only use 20% of that software’s functionality”

– IT adage

  1. You are under-utilising the software your pay for at present, we can show you how to get increased value from your software – An IT adage says “80% of users of  a program only use 20% of that software’s functionality“. Yet  the shelf price of that software is the same for all users. You pay for Microsoft Office and other ‘core’ software for your business – use it to its full potential to get best value for your money.
  2. Avoid subscribing to additional ongoing subscription services – You are easy prey for third party app developers if you under-utilise core software you already own.  The developers will sell you add-in/plug-in services for relatively low monthly amounts. However if you subscribe to a service for $20 (excl GST) a month – that’s $240 plus GST a year – $1200 every five years. Yet many of these functions are probably available in a program you have already subscribed to. We can help you understand what you already have, to avoid these additional costs mounting up in the future.
  3. Consolidate – using a multitude of programs and apps saps your time and attention – Every app and program you use needs attention; username, password, how to operate it and integrate it with other apps and programs e.g. cut and paste, import/export.  Each subscription not only has a monthly subscription price (often just $5 here, $20 there), but a cost on your mind and productivity. What if you could align these various programs to optimise your workflow?
  4. You pay other people to do tasks which could be automated – out sourcing tasks to someone else is smart – however software functionality has sometimes eliminated a person needing to do these tasks anyway. There are many automation tools out there which can avoid you having to pay others to do things for you or at least reduce the time they charge you for. Plus, you regain the time you spent briefing, checking and finalising these tasks. One great example is Xero – it really automates all things accounting from expense claims to invoicing to tax preparation. It is hard for a chain of people completing these processes to compete with an automated system.
  5. Maximise the productivity of your working time – If you are doing things your computer could be doing for you, you are losing time you could be charging to your clients – your time is money. Anything you can do to reduce the time you need to put into work yet get the same outputs makes great business sense. Whether you use that time to take on extra work boosting your income or just take some well deserved evenings and weekends off, it will be a win.
  6. Boost your profitability– if you could do your work in 20% (or even 30%) less time, what does that do for your profitability? By dramatically reducing your most valuable overhead, your time, you can see profitability skyrocket.

We are not promising to deliver you 20% savings after one session, however with an ongoing commitment we can get you on the journey there.

We hope you are ready to give it a try – if so Contact us now. Mention this post for 10% off.

“Training with RMA Digital is very cost effective. I see great return on my investment. My time is worth $200 per hour plus GST, and putting in place my  new skills from the first training module has given me an extra five hours in my month by avoiding some of those inefficiencies I had before. Well worth it.”

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